There’s Something About Mary

MK2Proverbs 15:13 says – A happy heart makes the face cheerful. I have been blessed with a daughter-in-law with a happy heart.

Last week I spent the whole week in heaven on earth. I was visiting my son, daughter-in-law and twin grandbabies in Wisconsin. What a wonderful time I had laughing and playing with my little monkeys.

The twins are 2 1/2 now and MAN – are they ever busy!!! They love to dress themselves (most of the time the clothes are inside out and backwards) and they love to play! The sun comes up around 5:00 AM in Wisconsin and the girls are not far behind. From the moment they crawl out of their cribs, they are ready to eat, play, and make messes.


They are good little pumpkins, but even though they are good, they are still TWO and require so much energy! Two year olds are demanding. They don’t have a concept of time so they don’t understand “wait a minute” or “I’ll help you in a second”. They want so badly to be independent, but that independence means shoes are often on the wrong feet and feeding oneself results in more food on clothes, faces, and floors than actually inside one’s mouth. They don’t understand how cranky they get when they are tired. (Seriously! Why don’t little kids just close their eyes and go to sleep?!?!)


But, in every situation – no matter how stressful – no matter how annoying – no matter how LOUD – Mary Kate was cheerful.

And I don’t think she was just faking it because her mother-in-law was there. She is genuinely cheerful. I must admit – I was not always a cheerful mom. I was more like a drill sergeant. As a matter of fact, Lee used to call me Sergeant Carter. (I know I’m dating myself, so all you young folks watch this clip of Gomer Pyle USMC. )

I wish I could have been more like Mary Kate. No matter how difficult things get, Mary Kate keeps a good attitude and a cheerful countenance. I admire that – I truly do.

Mary Kate, you are good mom. I am proud of you and I am thankful that you are mommy to my precious grandbabies. Thank you for all you do and for always doing it with a smile on your face. I honor you!


About theworldaccordingtomrsfarquhar

I am wife to Lee, mom to Andrew, Joel and Ben, mother-in-law to Mary Kate, Allison, and Caroline and Kitty to Leah, Amelia, Anna Carlton and Lacey. I am the Owner of KidMin Care - a support for children's ministry in Raleigh, NC. Oh, and I'm a little bit of a NC State Wolfpack fan. :)
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