Well at least it isn’t raining!

Yesterday was quite the day for me.  Not much went according to plan.  I started the day with jury duty and ended it by locking the keys to the car in the trunk – which was filled with all the groceries I had just bought – including a bag of ice!

I like to think of myself as a fairly positive person – in The Hundred Acre Wood I would like to think I lean more towards the Tigger side than the Eeyore side.  Although, many of you would probably call me rabbit (I do tend to be a little bossy at times. 🙂 )  Yesterday evening, however, I found myself being an Eeyore. 🙂  As the locksmith worked to try and get the trunk open, I was bemoaning all the things that had gone wrong that day – jury duty, late to the classes I teach on Fridays, no lunch, locking my keys in the trunk, etc.  Without even looking up, he said, “Well at least it isn’t raining”.  Good point!  I was standing in the parking lot on a very pleasant day- neither too hot nor too cold, and it wasn’t raining on us!  What a great attitude!  I quickly changed mine. 🙂

The locksmith wasn’t able to get the trunk open, so I called my friend who had loaned the car to me. (My car is in the shop.)  She had already told me I had the only key to the car, but at her house was a bag full of keys and there was a very remote chance there was a key that would open the trunk but not start the car.  That’s all the encouragement I needed!  I headed to her house and found the bag of keys.  All the way back I prayed that I would find favor and a key in that bag would work.

I tried every key in the bag – no go.  There was one key that fit easily in the lock, but didn’t open the trunk.  I decided to try that key one more time before giving up.  Thank you Lord!!!  It worked!!!  The trunk popped open and I once again had the keys and all my groceries!!!!

I headed home to start preparing for today’s tailgate at the NC State football game.  Cooking for the tailgate is one of my favorite things to do!  I could now go about my preparations with a happy heart and thankfulness to God.

Can’t wait to get to Carter Finley and hey – It isn’t raining!!! :

About theworldaccordingtomrsfarquhar

I am wife to Lee, mom to Andrew, Joel and Ben, mother-in-law to Mary Kate, Allison, and Caroline and Kitty to Leah, Amelia, Anna Carlton and Lacey. I am the Owner of KidMin Care - a support for children's ministry in Raleigh, NC. Oh, and I'm a little bit of a NC State Wolfpack fan. :)
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